Camilla Engstrom | Part 1

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Camilla Engstrom dancing in her studio, filmed by Michael J. Spear


Camilla Engstrom, a longtime friend of Ilana's, is an artist, living, dancing, and smiling in Los Angeles. Since moving to LA from NYC Camilla's been filming videos dancing in her studio as part of her meditative and creative practice. Ilana thought sending Camilla some Fall Winter goodies would be a great way to collaborate on this artistic endeavor. Michael J. Spear created this video and captured these images of Camilla moving through her studio. Camilla currently has a show up at Hilde Gallery in Los Angeles.


Tell us a little about yourself, what you do, and how you know IK!

I'm an artist who recently moved to LA after living in NY for 7 years. I'm originally from Sweden. I paint, make sculptures, and dance. I also created a character named Husa. She's my alter ego and often is up to silly things.

I know Ilana through my best friends Phoebe and Peter, who own Cold Picnic. We've worked together and I really like her spirit!


Camilla wears the Henry Coverall in Natural.


We're big fans of your art. Do you want to talk a little about your work and what inspires you? How does dancing fit int your practice?

Thank you! I worked in fashion before I realized it wasn't my true calling. I don't have any formal art training. I was dating an artist and realized through occasionally assisting him and spending time with his friends that I wanted to do something similar. My work is pretty straightforward. I really just want to heal myself and other people through my work. I just want whoever is looking at it to feel good. That's why I also added dancing to my practice! I believe that it's the best way to release tension and negative emotions. I believe I'm born to be of service to people and I'm hoping to do that through my art practice.



You recently made the move to LA--what do you love most about it? What do you miss most about NY?

I love the sun and the weather! It's truly healing. I'm an introverted person who needs space, quiet time and nature and LA can offer me that and at the same time let me stay connected to the art world by being in a big city. I miss walking around NY and I miss the abundance of art and events to go to, and my friends of course!


Puppies or Kitties??

BOTH! I love all animals!!


Left: Camilla wears the Edie Tank and Caroline Pants, both in Inky. Right: Camilla's in the Mav Trench in Denim and the Teddy Dress in Umber.