Ilana Kohn

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Ilana Kohn is wearing the Tuck Coverall in Denim



Tell us a little about yourself and how you started the line!

About me? Just a crazy cat lady (granted I love all da animals, I don’t discriminate!) who makes clothes for a living.

A little background on how I started IK though: I actually went to school for illustration and worked as an editorial illustrator for close to ten years before the Recession hit. It was literally like a switch flipped overnight. Print was already struggling with the digital age creeping in but the Recession really just pushed it off the cliff. So I decided to go back to school for something completely unrelated, Historic Preservation (historic architecture) and while I was there, I became restless not having a creative outlet and started teaching myself to sew & patternmaking and the rest really sprung from there and here we are?!

Introduce us to your adorable kitties we see on all your Caturday posts!

Oh boy! Those monsters are Harry, Mo & Lil. Harry & Mo are brothers who couldn’t possibly be more different. Mo is a sleek, lanky, impossibly skittish angel who wants nothing more than to be picked up and loved on. He is a very aggressive head-butting, ear nibbling snuggler. Harry, on the other hand, he’s a real ham. Thirteen pounds of pudgy, fluffy, life of the party, anything goes derp.

Lil (short for Lil’ Sis), however, she was my ultimate curbside find. I was walking home one day after deciding to take a slightly different route and there she was! She was just hanging around this guy who was in front of his brownstone watering his plants. Of course, as soon as I saw her I was all, “SQUEE, KITTY!” and so they guy started chatting me up and was like, “Hey! She’s super friendly! I tried to adopt her but our cat hates her.. We’ve been feeding her the past few weeks, you should take her home!” And I was all, “SURE!” So I scooped her up and carried her home and that was that.

Fast forward a year and we pass him out front of his building and we stop to chat and let him know that Lil is going great and his wife comes out also super excited to hear how Lil was doing. I’m standing there for a good five minutes showing her cat pics on my phone before I look up and realize it’s Rosie Perez. So yup, I guess technically we got Lil from Rosie Perez and Eric Haze?

😉 That said, Lil is our chubby, mama’s girl diva. She’s a lover but on HER terms. She keeps the boys in line.

Which employee is your favorite and why?

That's easy, Breakfast (the little black pupper, angel princess, you see in all of our insty stories) obv. I mean, she just sleeps all day and farts a lot but she really is the most excellent snuggler and keeps everyone in line.