Ilana Lapides

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Ilana Lapides is wearing the Milo Jumpsuit in Lila


Tell us about how you became part of the IK team and what you do? 

I connected with IK through our mutual friend and founder of Archive NY, Amira Marion, who I know from high school. IK and I "flirted" for a couple years before making it official. We would meet for a drink or coffee and chat, both hoping that the business would grow just enough for me to hop on board. Luckily, I was persistent (hopefully not too annoying) and it worked out at the most perfect time for both of us.

My official title is Sales & PR, but I mostly focus on our wholesale business and the stores we work with. The absolute best part about working for IK is the incredible, strong, kind women we work with and are inspired by. The fact that it's my job to connect with so many people I have admired for so many years just makes me so so happy.

One of my favorite things about being such a small company is that our roles are constantly changing and growing and there are times when it's all hands on deck for whatever needs to get done. We all pitch in and help each other, so everyone does a little (or a lot) of everything.

What do you do when you're not at work? 

As soon as it's nice, I try to spend as much time outside as possible. I have a favorite pier at Hudson River Park that's just really peaceful, I love to go with friends and just catch up or by myself to just zone out. 

I also love a good podcast that makes me laugh. One of my favorites is 'How Did This Get Made,' which is devoted to movies so bad they're (sometimes) good. So I've been spending a lot of time lately completely throwing off my Netflix algorithm, watching terrible movies I would never think to watch and then laughing my butt off with the podcast.


Fav Soho hang spot? 

In the summers, one of my favorite early weekend morning traditions is picking up a coffee (ok fine- matcha) from Greecology or Maman and heading to the Elizabeth Street Garden while it's still quiet. 

There are so many great restaurants right outside my front door, it's really hard to pick just one... But lately, it's been really nice to avoid the crowds and pick up takeout from Uncle Boon's Sister (both Uncle Boon's and Uncle Boon's Sister are incredible if you like Thai food- GO!) and just chill on my couch with friends.

Fav recipe you've been making lately?

One of my favorite guilty pleasures during summer is making popcorn for dinner from scratch. My current favorite is truffle parmesan popcorn using this incredible truffle salt I picked up during our trip to Portland, ME a few weeks ago (yay team bonding!). I've also been trying to perfect a za'atar popcorn with lemon butter and am oh so close to getting it just right!

Fav color/style from SS18 & why? 

Oh lord... this is a tough one... But I would have to say Clay is my favorite color (with a very honorable mention for Denim and Lila). Clay is the perfect off-white white, so it doesn't get super dingy from city grit but still feels light and airy. 

In terms of favorite style, I've really been loving a casual suit this year, so my summer go-to has been the Rudy Blazer and Boyd Shorts in Denim with a vintage t-shirt. The denim is just so soft and light, it's perfect for going from the heat to the AC and being comfortable.

Cute animal stories? 

So many hard questions! I guess if I have to pick one... I've been taking Breakfast for walks in the afternoon this week and every once and a while as we're walking she'll just lean over and lick my leg to say 'thanks hooman! this is nice.' And it's just so sweet and cute! Gets me every damn time.