Sam Henderson

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Sam Henderson is wearing the Milo Jumpsuit in Clay.


Tell us a little about yourself and what you do!

So, I have a small granola company called Sam's Granola (we dug deep on the name!) that started as a fun side project. I was cooking for private clients (friends, really) and started making this barley granola to sort of jazz things up a bit. They liked it - and started giving it away to friends. At a certain point, my now-partner Christine said to me, 'hey, maybe we could sell this?' And we went from there.


How did you get into the world of cooking?

I started cooking while I was working in publishing at Scholastic. I needed a creative outlet because I was doing a lot of the same thing day-in, day-out at work. And I was long distance running as well, so it made sense to teach myself how to cook - I was always hungry.  I really loved it, every part: Learning the history behind different dishes, improvising to recover from mistakes, taking care of people by feeding them. Eventually, I quit my job at Scholastic and sought out a stage (like an internship, but more demanding) at a wonderful restaurant called wd~50. A few months later, I was hired. It was life-changing. There probably was not a more progressive restaurant in the country. And the people I worked with there were among some of the most creative and driven I've ever met.


Your Granola Is SO UNREAL. Do you want to talk about your process in coming up with the flavors?

So, the flavors! I wanted them to be fun, memorable, and delicious. Like coffee and coconut makes sense to me - bitter and sweet/nutty. But you don't see that flavor combination often, certainly not in a cereal. And we use a lot of different grains - like barley, spelt, and rye - because oats are lovely but not incredibly nuanced. We gave each flavor a name that we hope is indicative of its 'personality.' Our coffee-coconut flavor is called Rabbit Hole because it's enticing in its weirdness, and you either walk away - or go deep! 


How does what you do influence what you wear?

I love to dress up and look pretty - but when I'm working comfort is paramount. Your jumpsuits are kind of awesome because I feel like they can be both to the right person :)


Sam is wearing the Tuck Coverall in Denim.