Portland, Maine

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 L to R, Ilana Lapides is wearing the Tuck Coverall in Denim, Tia is wearing the Tuck Coverall in Lila, Ilana Kohn is wearing the Boyd Pants in Clay, Brooke is wearing the Samet Jumpsuit in Coal, Geneva is wearing the Edie tank in Lila and the Cielo Skirt in Lila, and Mabel is wearing the Milo in Clay.


In case you missed it, recently, Ilana Kohn + Team took a trip to visit our buds at Judith in Portland, Maine!

(Fun Fact: We were their first ever trunk show, right after they opened in the original space.  And this time we had the distinct honor of getting to break in their incredible, brand spankin' NEW space as the first trunk show there too!)
DAY 1:
We flew in from Brooklyn on the shortest flight EVER.  

 L to R: Ilana Kohn is wearing the Samet in Royal and the Mabel Jacket in Denim, Ilana L. is wearing the Mabel Jacket in Denim (a staff travel necessity) and the FW17 Caroline Pants. Tia is wearing the Liza Shirt in Coal and the FW17 Caroline Pants. Geneva is wearing the Roxey tank in Clay.
We kicked off the trip with a few of our most favorite things.. eating and shopping. :)


DAY 2:
We snarfed cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast and then we headed over to Judith to set up for the day.


We were joined by One & Supp, who supplied the most amazing floral arrangement + snacks + IK bread (!!!).
Some of our amazing customers who came by the pop up:
Left: Liza Shirt in Clay + the Boyd Pants in Coal. Our babe Greta Rybus took home the Mabel in Coal. 
This cute mama snagged the Tuck Coverall in Denim.
 Much quality puppy time was had by Team IK
Brooke Beaney, Judith owner, wearing her Samet in Coal.
DAY 3:
Our day off! We started off at our new favorite coffee shop, Tandem (!!Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits!!)

L to R: Geneva wore the Meri in Clay. Tia and Ilana wore Boyd Pants. Our new buddy, and Tandem Baker, Briana Holt. Mabel and Ilana L. twinned and layered up in the Denim Gary.
After doing more shopping (..and eating) we hauled ourselves to the beach!


And then just like that we headed back to the city. :(